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Advancing Women

Advances Business


What We Believe

we believe advancing women advances business

Research has shown that even in the most supportive, meritocracy-minded businesses unconscious bias impacts how companies are able to set up their employees to work, develop and advance their careers. As a result, gender inequity becomes operationalized into many of the company’s ways of working.

This creates significant lost sales, lost margin and employee turnover costs for the company, in addition to career setbacks for impacted employees.

It also creates a risk for companies to lose potential clients and investors. 70% of CEOS are now reviewing supplier diversity metrics when selecting service providers, and major financial institutions are starting to set minimum percentages of leadership roles that must be filled by women at the companies they invest in.

The most effective way to address this is by building partnerships between men and women to tackle gender inequity, tying actions directly to impacts with direct leadership accountability.

Through this approach, companies create new, self-sustaining ways of working that eliminate bias and create level playing fields for every role. This builds trust with employees, clients and investors that gender equity is a business priority.

Equally important, companies can capture the 3% incremental revenue that comes from every 1% increase in gender parity, the 26% higher return on invested capital from gender-balanced leadership, the 50% lower turnover rate from being a best company for women, and the 15% increased likelihood of outperforming competition by being gender-diverse at the top levels.


What We Do


We identify where gender inequity impacts your business,

what it is costing you,

and how to fix it.


How We Do It

We build partnerships between men and women to address inequities

This is vital to help everyone understand how inequities materialize and why it important to address them.

Together we identify and remove the barriers to gender equity across the full employee lifecycle:

Recruiting, hiring and retention

Compensation and evaluations

Promotions and career pathing

Policies and practices including parental leave, return to work and flex time

Mentoring, ally development and employee resource groups

Professional development and networking


The Benefits We Deliver

The ROI on gender-balanced & female leadership is substantial

Sources: 1) The Female Quotient: Modern Guide to Equality; 2,3) Sallie Krawcheck “Own It”; 4,5) Fortune Best Companies 2018

Sources: 1) The Female Quotient: Modern Guide to Equality; 2,3) Sallie Krawcheck “Own It”; 4,5) Fortune Best Companies 2018


The Services We Provide

we provide a full suite of services which we cater to your specific need

Advisory services & gender equity assessments

Benchmarking against competitors, industry and best practices

Business case development including KPIs and scorecard to track success

Cultural & operational work to advance equity and inclusion

Executive and Board of Directors workshops

Male ally coaching

Mentoring and mentor program development

Resource group development and programming

Speaking and seminars


Who Our Clients Are

We serve companies, organizations and institutions across ALL industries

A few examples are listed below:


What Our Clients Say

“EQUITY FOR WOMEN shared insightful and thought-provoking recommendations that will help our company attract and retain outstanding women. I highly recommend hiring EQUITY FOR WOMEN.”

~ Adam Chait, CEO, The Athlete’s Foot 


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