Helping Companies Achieve Gender Parity
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Advancing Women

Advances Business


Our Value Proposition

advancing women advances business

That’s the simple yet revolutionary truth behind EQUITY FOR WOMEN.

So many business leaders struggle to choose between doing what they know is the “right” thing - recruiting and promoting women, expanding parental benefits, equalizing pay - and what they believe is the “smart” thing - staying laser-focused on the bottom line.

If you’re one of those leaders, we have good news: the right thing IS the smart thing.

As it turns out, advancing women has a direct, positive effect on everything from sales to turnover to new business. Companies that embrace this truth gain a huge competitive advantage.

The even better news? EQUITY FOR WOMEN is ready to give you that advantage. We’ll partner with you and meet you wherever you are - no shame, blame or judgement - and customize an approach to deliver gender parity that fits your culture, your mission and your brand.

Even the “woke-est,” most supportive companies can benefit from this process, and the results speak for themselves:

  • Every 1% increase in gender diversity yields a 3% increase in revenue*

  • Gender-balanced companies are15% more likely to outperform the industry**

  • Companies with more women leaders deliver a 25% higher return on invested capital**

  • “Best companies” for women have ~50% less turnover than their peers***

We look forward to working with you.


Sources: *The Female Quotient 2018;**Sallie Krawcheck “Own It”;***Fortune Best Companies 2018