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How To Address Gender Inequity At Work

If you have even a remote sense that there is gender inequity playing out at work - whether you’ve heard unofficial comments or observed something more blatant - it is critical to step up and address the situation head on. Here is an action plan for what to do…

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Sometimes You Need to Lead by Leaving

One of the most frequent topics that comes up in coaching falls under the theme of figuring out when to fish or cut bait.  Many people feel torn about when to keep trying to make a work situation work better versus deciding to move on.  Moving on can bring a lot of baggage related to feelings of failure, even if that work environment was never going to be somewhere that person could thrive in the first place.  If the person is an active leader and advocate for others at work the feelings get even more complicated.

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What Your Company's Women's Group Can and Can't Do For You

Many companies have created internal groups for women, sometimes called employee or business resource groups (ERGs or BRGs).  While these can provide great support for women, they are not a silver bullet for solving all the challenges women face in the workplace. Here is what you need to know to make them most effective.

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