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How To Address Gender Inequity At Work

If you have even a remote sense that there is gender inequity playing out at work - whether you’ve heard unofficial comments or observed something more blatant - it is critical to step up and address the situation head on. Here is an action plan for what to do…

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Money is Power

Remember the first time that you, as a kid, were able to use your own money to buy something without a parent saying OK?  So liberating.  And when you could support yourself for the first time?  Amazing independence.  Being debt-free (even if only for a short while)?  Such freedom! All of those feelings relate to a sense of personal power… 

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How Men Can Be Great Allies For Women

A critical step in women achieving greater equity and equality at work is building alliances with the good men who are at the top and on the path to get there.  We want to be your partners and work together for the benefits that everyone receives from a more diverse workplace.  We know many of you want that too.  Here's how you can help us…

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The Gushing Pipeline

There is much talk today about women getting stuck in middle management and falling victim to the "leaky pipeline."  But using this term is a disservice to the severity of the problem.  It implies first that there is a single path to leadership, and second that some minor patchwork will fix the problem.  It also implies it's a woman's problem when the issue is much deeper and more systemic.

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