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Why Equity Matters

Why equity?  Why not equality?

Equity is fair treatment, equality is equal treatment.  If you start from a place of disadvantage and are then treated equally to a person with advantage, you perpetuate and ultimately grow the gap between the two of you.  You need equitable measures first to close that gap and get everyone to a level playing field.

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7 Tips For Effective Networking

So much of our career progression hinges on our network to open doors, share opportunities, and have people vouch for us. They say your 20s and 30s are focused on becoming great at what you do, the rest of your career is about who you know. It is never too early to start building the network that will really propel you forward. Relationship-building is a skill that needs to be honed; the sooner you start developing this skill the more naturally it will come to you.

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