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The Busy-ness Trap


It is almost impossible not to feel like you have to schedule every second of every day.  Plus, being crazy busy can make you feel like you're making progress, getting a lot done, that your contribution is important.  But what if you're not busy with the right things?  What if you're missing what is important because you're too busy to see it?

Stillness is not slowness. It is steady, focused, calm determination. It's what lets you be tuned into what your gut tells you, which by the way is usually the best compass for you to follow.  It is also what lets us feel awe, wonder, deep joy. 

Busy-ness can be procrastination in clever disguise, keeping you from getting to the most important task at hand.  Leaving space for thinking and reflection is one of the best things you can do for yourself in your personal AND professional development.  That space gives you the time and energy to employ different perspectives, to listen and process more, to read with the time to reflect.  It is super productive - INTERNALLY productive, an important distinction. 

If not acting busy makes you feel like you're not spending your time well then you need to trick yourself as you build this new habit.  Book time on your calendar and find a quiet space to work on your internal productivity.  Get out in the fresh air and take a walk.  Go to yoga by yourself, stay in the room for a few minutes after class and just be still.  Listen to a few minutes of meditation and when it's done listen to the silence for a bit.

Take a deep breath.  You can get there.