Helping Companies Achieve Gender Equity
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Services tailored to your needs

Equity For Women - Our Services - Advisory Services & Equity Assessments

AnalyTics & Benchmarking

Quantitative & qualitative analyses against competitors & best practices

Equity For Women - Our Services - Business Case, KPI and Scorecard Development

KPI & scorecard development

Determining measurable goals, outcomes and timeframe for a company to achieve change

Equity For Women - Our Services - Cultural and Operational Barrier Removal

operationAlizing inclusion

Reworking all aspects of the employee lifecycle to ensure an even playing field at every level

Equity For Women - Our Services - Executive and Board of Directors Workshops

Leadership workshops

Working with executives, Boards and investors on goals, actions and communication

Equity For Women - Our Services - Male Ally Program Development and Coaching

Male Ally Coaching

Helping men understand how and why to be great partners and advocates for women

Equity For Women - Our Services - Speaking, Workshops and Seminars on Gender Equity


Speaking for companies, conferences and events on gender equity